AOW4 Review (Community)

AOW4 from the point of view of an AOW3 player

An Article by MARKYMARK

After long AOW3 years one could expect a completely renewed AOW4, especially after the unofficial further development AOW Planetfall.
Well, new doesn't necessarily mean better, sometimes the old part is better, how does it play in this new complexity? Pantheon ?

What has changed to AOW3? Since I'm a CIV player myself, I'm also writing the review from the point of view of a CIV
or builder player. The first game was really bad, I actually wanted to play a campaign, but somehow I only found maps with or
no story... so i took the first map and made an elf... to match the map.

What went wrong? The development of the empire was really new and I didn't have an eye on it, but it's a very important element that partly ran through the research tree in AOW3, e.g. B. the property of waters of the units. The Tree....

I was desperately looking for settlers and pioneers, disappeared .... but found out pretty quickly that you can set up outposts and then convert them into cities with empire points, so I did that a few times until I exceeded my limit of cities by far became ... the result was a big minus, and after that my army greatly decreased. Only then did I realize how important Reich development was.
Welcome was the auto-scout mode known from CIV games, finally here! Which was also combat, without the hassle of losing your hero and if you weren't satisfied, you redid the battle manually without having to load the save again.