Because Civ is mainly about fun, a rule set should also acknowledge this. It should appeal to sportsmanship and fairness. It should guarantee a fast game, both in a technically and organisationally and should prevent quits and bickering. However the rules should not influence the strategical playground.
Sadly the rule set can’t include everything to optimize the games. Every player should e.g. observe his or her own internet connection and should be equiped with the necessary hardware, because lags can seriously disturb a game and definitely are to be avoided.
Changes and/or amendmends to the rules shall remain reserved to the league and can be altered if necessary.


Game settings:
- In general, if no settings are preset in the game options, the host will decide upon them.
- It is certainly allowed that groups can vote upon their settings before a game (e.g. in the chat of the league steam group).

- The result of a match can be reported, if
- the match requirements are fulfilled.
- or at least 100 rounds were played
- or the opponents agree to report the result.

- Quitters aren't welcome. Please make your mind, if you're able to stay inside the game until the end.
In case you still had to leave during a match you have to give reasons why you've left.(Forum/report)
If you keep on leaving constantly "civ5liga" reserves the option to ban you. A player is not supposed to be reported as a quitter, if the opponent agrees to the withdrawal.
- Nonaggression pacts are player arrangements and are not a part of the league.

If you have any questions, please contact the Support.